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Plast Met Kalıp has started its mold manufacturing activities on 1992 in İstanbul - Ümraniye as a subsidiary of Plast Met Corporate Group. In order to increase the mold manufacturing capacity, it moved to Sancaktepe on 2004, to Anatolian Side Industrial Estate in Tuzla on 2011, and lastly to its own Molding Factory again in Tuzla Anatolian Side Industrial Estate in 2014. With its 100 people molding room and 70 people plastic injection staff in 5.000 m2 indoor space, it provides plastic injection mold manufacturing services to all sectors particularly to automotive industry sector. Plast Met Kalıp which provides high quality molds with affordable prices to its customers became one of the mainly known names of mold sector in Turkey and the World. It provides 120 - 150 pieces of mold manufacturing service primarily to European countries and to America, Asia and Africa continents. It performs the manufacturing services of highest quality visual parts successfully with its more than 20 years of experience in automotive sector.

Don't Call Solution Far Away...

Plast Met Kalıp, we are with you with our advanced technology to keep you away.

1K/2K/3K Mold Production

Met with investments in Plast Kalıp, particularly 2K and 3K, including Turkey's leading tool shop in Mold.

OverMold Mold Production

Plast Met Kalıp has been serving to the sector with its experience in mold production in overMold mold which works with the logic of placing plastic, metal or other part in mold before injection molding.

Protatip Mold Production

Plast Met Kalıp, which is used for the production of a limited number of parts, which is generally made of aluminum or soft steel, with years of experience in prototype molds with low cost and production time, serves the sector.

PLAST MET Kalıp Industry has an annual production capacity of 150 molds. 100% domestic and error-free production in our production facility with 4 and 5 axis machines using the latest technology and fully equipped automation network.
To create sustainable products with new generation technologies to go beyond customer expectations and to create value for our business partners.
To inspire in-car design, to manage all processes from the design of our basic products to production, to improve the quality of life with smart connected vehicle technologies.
In order to respond to the needs of our customers in the best way, we emphasize on the latest technology, our machine park with very low tolerances, we offer the perfect quality to your service. Please click for our machine park... Machine Parkour
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